The Let's Take A Walk (LTAW) organising committee is made up of volunteers from all walks of life. Here is the team for LTAW 2022:

Co-chair: Diana

"Because LTAW is about overcoming your own limits. When you think you can't, you can just take one more step. Another step. And another. And another.
And every step you make, it's for a good cause."

Co-chair: Pinky


"Because I can’t run, can’t walk for too long but I sure can help organise for those who can. Feels good to pay back to the society."

Sponsorships: Shirley & Jowyn

Route Planning & Operations: Jia Hui


"I want people to know that they can make an impact by simply walking."

 Route Planning & Operations: Matthew


Hi! I like walking. And physics. And doing dumb things.

Physics is cool! So is math. But math is hard. So is walking.

But walking is fun! So is physics!


Logistics: Maziah

"When I walked 50km in 2015, the volunteers kept us going when things became a lot more mentally and physically challenging towards the end. Volunteering overnight in 2017 was also great fun and it was uplifting to see the participants press on with their loved ones turning up to support them."


Publicity: Tricia

"There’s something about connecting with the outdoors on your feet through a nice long walk – and why not connect with friends and other like-minded people whilst supporting a good cause, too!" 

Publicity: Huzy


It’s amazing what a very basic task like walking can accomplish. You can clear your thoughts, burn calories, get an aha moment, get fit, get out and smell the roses as they say. Whatever your reason is for walking, come join LTAW this year. It’s more fun when we do it together!

IT: Frances

"Joining the LTAW team has been an inspiration and has helped me to realise that you don't need to be a superhero to make a change, sometimes just doing your best can make an impact. So come join us and make some memories all while making a change."

Advisor: Ling Lee


"Because putting one foot in front of the other is as simple as it is difficult.  And this is how one gets to where one wants to be."

Operations (Volunteers): Bridgette

Operations (Safety): Haiyum

Finance: Mui Hong