1. Will there be any training walks before the actual event?

Yes! To help our participants ready themselves, free training walks will be scheduled for registered participants. These will be announced via emails sent to the address used at registration. 

Attending the training walks is not compulsory, but we strongly encourage participants to take part, especially those challenging themselves in the 50KM PowerWalk and 100KM XtremeWalk.

Look out for preparation tips and events on the LTAW website and social media channels!


2. Will we be sufficiently prepared by attending all the training walks?

The training walks are meant to complement your training plan, not replace it. All participants are encouraged to train early and adequately so that the actual walk will be as enjoyable an experience as possible.


3. When will the training walks be?

The training and community walks are scheduled as follows:

Training & Community Walk - 8 Jul Sat
Distance/ start time: ~20km, start 7:30am from OCBC Square to Bukit Timah Railway Station
Route: Google Maps

Training & Community Walk - 22 Jul Sat
Distance/ start time: ~15km, start 8am from Fort Canning MRT station to Rail Mall
Route: Google Maps 

Training Walk - 8 Aug Tue
Distance/ start time: ~ 35km, start 11pm from Safra Punggol to ECP E2 carpark
Route: Google Maps 
Register: https://peatix.com/event/3657003

Training & Community Walk - 26 Aug Sat
Distance/ start time: ~10km, start 8am from OCBC Square, Singapore Sports Hub to OCBC Square, Singapore Sports Hub
Route: Google Maps
Register: Riverside 10km FunWalk! | Peatix

Training & Community Walk - 16 Sep Sat
Distance/ start time: ~25km, start 8am from Zion Riverside Food Centre to Springleaf Nature Park
Route: Google Maps
Register: https://peatix.com/event/3684033

Training Walk - 7 Oct Sat
Distance/ start time: ~40km, start 8am from OCBC Square (SportsHub) to Lower Seletar Amphitheatre
Route: Google Maps
Register: https://ltaw40km-trainingwalk.peatix.com/view


4. What’s the difference between a training walk and a community walk?

The training walk’s purpose is to augment, not replace, a walker’s training plan to build up and maintain a pace fast enough to complete the 50KM PowerWalk Day/ Night and 100KM XtremeWalk within the respective durations of 16 hours and 33 hours. While the training walks are targeted at walkers in these categories, registered walkers from any category who fancy a challenge are most welcome to join.

The community walk’s purpose is to give members of the general public an experience of walking longer distances than they are otherwise used to. They can then decide which walking distance (5, 10, 20, 50 or 100KM) they would be most comfortable registering for. As such, the focus will be on completing the distance at one’s leisure, and not on pace.

Some of the walks above are both a training walk and a community walk. This means we will have two groups of walkers on those dates:

  • One group of walkers focused on completing the walk while maintaining a targeted pace i.e. training walk
  • Another group of walkers completing the same route and distance at leisure i.e. community walk