1. Participants below the age of 16 (at the time of registration) shall seek parental consent by filling out the form (download below). The parental consent form must be duly signed by the parents or legal guardian of the participant and submitted in order for the participants to be successfully registered for participation in Let’s Take A Walk 2024 (“the event”), regardless of whether payment has already been made.
  2. The minimum participant age of any Event category is 12 (at the time of registration)
  3. Participants may be accompanied by their children or dependants who are below the minimum participant age, e.g. for the 5KM FamilyWalk category. In such cases, Participants shall be solely responsible for the safety of their children or dependants, and the Organisers shall not be liable for any resulting losses or injuries.
  4. Children or dependants under 12 will not be considered as Participants, and will not enjoy privileges accorded to the Participants such as event packs and event insurance.


If you’re keen to be part of the most awesome volunteer-driven endurance walking event in Singapore, sign up here! Just a heads up: Submitting the form doesn’t guarantee immediate acceptance. You’ll receive a confirmation email from us if you’re selected.

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