Hi there, thanks for taking part in LTAW 2024’s virtual walk!

The virtual categories are not “virtual” – please don’t walk around in your VR headset. It’s our way of offering you the opportunity to participate in LTAW wherever you are, at your own time, clocking your distance over as many walks as you need.

Come and get your T-Shirts!

To get your T-Shirts come down to OCBC Square (the outdoor area between Kallang Wave Mall and Kallang Indoor Stadium) on Sunday 3rd Nov 2024, between 7.00am and 4.00pm.

You will need to show the confirmation email. If you can’t make it, then you can get someone else to come down and show your email.

Join the Virtual Walkers’ WhatsApp Announcement Group:

Please click THIS LINK or scan the QR below to join the WhatsApp announcement group.

We will be using this group to update walkers. Rest assured we will only send important messages, and you can leave at any time.

You can also use WhatsApp to contact us by messaging the Admin of this chat.

Virtual Walkers’ Online Briefing

Click here to watch a recording of the LTAW 2023 Virtual Walkers’ briefing (about 16 mins).

How to Submit your Walk

To submit your walk details you will need your:

  1. Registration ID (You can find this in the “LTAW registration received” email you got from us when you signed up. It should look like “324_02” or “BD_01”)
  2. The distance you’ve walked
  3. screenshot of your walk (that includes the distance, date and time)

Submit your walk using THIS FORM

How to check how far you’ve walked

Unfortunately, right now we have no direct way for you to check how far you’ve walked.

But you can send a message to the WhatsApp group admin (join the WhatsApp group) and our team of volunteers will get back to you.

PLEASE be aware though, that since Let’s Take a Walk is 100% volunteer-run, we will need some time to process your request. Please also request if you REALLY NEED TO KNOW – we only have a small team of volunteers so we need time to respond to all participants.


  • Q: When and where will I need to complete my LTAW virtual category?
    A: You will need to complete your distance between Saturday 21 October (0000) to Friday 3 November 2023 (2359) – that’s over two weeks.
    • You can complete your walk anywhere OUTDOORS.
    • In Singapore, we encourage you to walk along the Park Connector Networks.

  • Q: How many walks can I submit?
    A: As many as you like, as long as the walk/s take place between 21 Oct 0000hr and 3 Nov 2359hr

  • Q: What happens if I cannot complete the distance in one go?
    A: For the virtual categories, you are not required to complete the distance in one session. You can accumulate the total distance over multiple walks between Saturday 21 October to Friday 3 November 2023.

  • Q: Is there a minimum distance per walk?
    A: No, as long as the app you are using can verify the distance. Be warned: if you submit in centimetres, we will judge you.

  • Q: Is there a maximum distance per walk?
    A: Also no, but after you’ve completed your distance, no need to submit any more lah. Got no bragging rights one.

  • Q: By when do I need to submit my walks?
    A: All submissions are to be uploaded by 04 Nov 2023, 2359hr.

  • Q: Can I complete my walk on a treadmill or indoors?
    A: As you are required to keep track of your walk distances through a GPS device or app, you will need to walk outdoors to get GPS coverage.

  • Q: I have concerns/questions/complaints. How do I get in touch?
    A: Please join the WhatsApp announcements group and send a message to the Admin. But please consider that we are a fully volunteer-run effort, so it may take A While to get back to you.

Please also read LTAW 2023’s Terms & Conditions.

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