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1. Where do we start and finish? How much time do we have to finish?

Flag off times and start/end locations

• 100KM XtremeWalk – 0700h Sat 4 Nov
start: Sports Hub, end: Sports Hub. Complete within 33 hours 

• 50KM PowerWalk (Day) – 0700h Sat 4 Nov;
start: Sports Hub, end: SAFRA Punggol. Complete within 16 hours

• 20KM JalanWalk – 0730h Sat 4 Nov;
start: Sports Hub, end: Botanic Gardens MRT. Complete within 6 hours

• 50KM PowerWalk (Night) – 2200h Sat 4 Nov;
start: SAFRA Punggol, end: Sports Hub. Complete within 16 hours

• 10KM FunWalk – 0800h Sun 5 Nov;
start: Sports Hub, end: Sports Hub

• 5KM FamilyWalk – 0900h Sun 5 Nov;
start: Sports Hub, end: Sports Hub

Routes are at this page.

2. Will the walk format be the same as for previous editions?

Yes!!! You will check in at the start point and begin your walk according to the provided route. You will self-navigate to designated checkpoints in the correct order and check in at each checkpoint before continuing to the next. Your final check-in will be at the end point. 

Stay tuned for more details closer to the event!

3. Why must I check in at the checkpoints?

Unlike other running events, LTAW takes place over several hours; the 50KM PowerWalk and the 100KM XtremeWalk take up to 16 hours and 33 hours respectively.

With you checking in at the checkpoints, the Organisers can monitor your progress and continued participation in the event.

4. Will food and drinks be provided for participants?

LTAW is a self-supported event. Participants are responsible for ensuring that they have sufficient food and water over the course of the walk and are encouraged to organise their own support teams. Alternatively, you can purchase food and water from convenience stores and eateries along the walk.

5. Must I have a support team?

A support team is highly recommended for participants, especially those taking part in the 50KM PowerWalk and 100KM XtremeWalk. Your support team can meet you at the checkpoints with food, drinks, change of clothes and footwear, night gear, massages and moral support. This means you can travel really light! 

5. What facilities are available at the checkpoints?

The checkpoints are basic stations that allow participants to check-in their arrival timing and have a quick rest before proceeding. 

Basic first aid facilities will be available at selected checkpoints. Most checkpoints will have spacious areas to give you the opportunity to meet with your support team.

6. What happens if we cannot complete the walk within the stipulated time?

Each checkpoint along the route will close by a certain time. Participants who cannot reach the next checkpoint before it closes will be disqualified from the walk. 

The Organisers’ decision is final so please start training early.

7. Can we stop and rest for meals and drinks, or even take a nap during the walk?

Of course lah! You can stop to refuel or rest at any time. It’s really up to you! 

Remember, LTAW is not a competition but a personal challenge that we undertake while fundraising for a good cause.

8. What type of safety support will be provided for the walk?

Basic first aid facilities will be available at selected checkpoints. 

An ambulance and safety vehicles will also be present throughout the event. That said, LTAW is a self-supported event and participants are advised to carry their own basic first aid items such as foot blister plasters, muscle rub, bandages etc. 

9. What if I get injured and am unable to finish the walk?

Oh no! Please retire from the walk, get treatment if necessary, and head home for a good rest. Also, please inform the Organisers via the event hotline.

10. Can I bike, skate, run, push a pram, etc, during the walk?

LTAW is strictly a walking event. Participants are required to walk on foot at all times for the entire walk. Unless otherwise specified, bicycles, in-line skates, prams, push carts, shoes with built-in or attached rollers and any other wheel-run objects are not allowed in all categories. 

For the 5KM FamilyWalk category only, there will be ramp access so strollers are permitted but must be used in a safe manner.

11. Will the routes of LTAW be closed to traffic?

There will be no road closures for LTAW 2023. See routes here.

12. Will the end point be open to the public?

Yes, of course! Get your family, friends, colleagues, neighbours etc to witness your triumphant return at the end point!!!

13. Will baggage storage areas be available at any point of the walk?

No baggage storage areas will be provided.

14. Is there transportation before and after the event?

Participants are to arrange their own transportation before and after the event.

15. Are the route distances exact?

Distances stated for physical categories are approximate. Actual route distances may vary significantly.

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