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-  Photographers
Role is pretty self explanatory. And volunteer photographers are expected to own a camera (mobile phone cameras do not count).

- Check Point ICs
Stationed at the various checkpoints islandwide and provide the walkers with assistance if required. Keep the organisers updated about the activity of the checkpoints. 

-  Event Day Registration Crew
Check the attendance of the walkers and sign them in. Might be deployed as checkpoint ICs when the registration booth closes.

-  Logistics Crew
Must be physically fit. Duties involve setting up and tearing down of the various checkpoints. Job also requires loading and unloading of moderately heavy equipment and logistics.

-  Marshalls
Stationed at various points along the designated routes. Direct walkers to the path they are required to take. Smile and cheer for the walkers. So it would be a bonus if volunteers have lovely smiles. 

-  Event shirt
-  Meals

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