In this year's LTAW, we are opening up registration for individual who could not find members to form a team.  That said, forming a team is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, especially in long distance categories, for support, safety and camaraderie. 

The following categories are open for individual and group sign up:

  1. 20 km JalanWalk (2 Nov Sat)
  2. 20 km JalanWalk (3 Nov Sun)
  3. 50 km PowerWalk (2 Nov Day)
  4. 50 km PowerWalk (2 Nov Night)
  5. 100 km XtremeWalk (2 to 3 Nov)

Individual Sign Up!

Group Sign Up!

If you are eligible for 150 km UltimateWalk (1 to 3 Nov), please drop us an email to and we will get in touch with you shortly.  The eligibility for 150 km UltimateWalk are:

  1. you are a finisher in the last 3 editions of Let's Talk A Walk i.e. LTAW 2013, LTAW 2015 or LTAW 2017
  2. you have completed in any local or overseas ultra races (100 km and more) in the last 5 years.  Please provide proof of completion

Thank you!